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Oct 31, 2012 6:30pm PDT
government, no. >> opinion polls in florida are as close as the body games in coral k -- the bocci games in coral cay. many wealthy are not concerned about their benefits but are instead word about the economy. >> obama has had four years and really has not come up with anything to show the people that he did better than before, than the administration we had before, so i figure it is time for a change. >> if the majority of retirees share this view on election day, romney may take florida, an important part of winning the election. >> in a minute, we will look at unemployment in europe. >> first, other stories making headlines around the world. >> tensions are high in the tunisian capital after clashes between police and salafist muslims left italy will people dead. >> russia has launched a rocket from the steppes of kazakhstan, headed for the international space station. the rocket is carrying a spacecraft loaded with supplies including hardware, fuel, and water. >> following the resignation of former german president christian wulff, opposition leaders are calling for new rules
Nov 1, 2012 2:30pm PDT
the power grid were damaged by high winds. u.s. president barack obama got back to the campaign trail today. initial opinion polls appear to give high marks for the president's handling of the storm crisis with even republican voters praising his quick response. >> for more, let's turn now to our representative who was in new york for the storm and is now following cleanup efforts. massive destruction in the region, but from what you've seen, how are new yorkers coping? >> i have just been to a neighborhood in brooklyn where the storm has been really hitting hard the people there. they were just desperate. some were crying. when you walk through the streets, you could see post a snap into the houses by the wind and water. it is terrible. people try to clean up their things. you can see furniture living outside, the couches, tv's, clothes. everything has been destroyed, and people just do not know what to do. it will take a long time to clean up. some cops are even stationed at gas stations because there have been fights. there is a--- a gas shortage. some parts still did not hav
Nov 1, 2012 6:30pm PDT
from obama's local campaign team are here training volunteers. polls indicate that american women are more likely to favor gun control than men are. she has a lot to say about the national rifle association or the nra, probably the most powerful lobby group in the country. >> mine is we need to get guns out of the hands of crazy people, and the nra is against that because every gun that they sell is more profit in the pocket. we need to protect our kids. >> both political parties are competing to win over women in colorado. in this swing state, there are more female voters than male voters. obama supporters say women should support the president because of his stance on abortion. >> i feel strongly that no one should be forced to have children until they are prepared to have children. i do not really think it is a pro-life versus pro-choice issue so much as it is my choice, not mitt romney's choice when i have children. >> obama's stand on abortion is one reason democrats are ahead with female voters in the state of colorado, and some number- cruncher's think this might decide the
Oct 29, 2012 2:00am EDT
determines the winner. if you look at the poll that came out today, president obama has a mass of 25 point lead in the five county areas and he has maintained that lead throughout in all of the various polls. i think ronny's extreme positions on, for example, a woman's right to choose really puts him at odds with moderates and suburban sensibility in pennsylvania. i'm confident that the numbers the president will show in the suburbs will propel him to victory. host: as you know, he famously referred to the state as this. "to make pennsylvania close, mitt romney must win big in alabama." what does he mean by that? guest: he needs to win big in the essential part of the state, what we call the "t." there is lancaster, york, and it spread across the top. he's going to do really well there. romney is doing terrific in the "t." i cannot believe our results in southwestern pennsylvania. if you remember in the primary, hillary clinton be president obama down there. some counties it was by 30-40 points. they were are very upset about the -- are very upset about teh war on coal. i do not agre
Oct 28, 2012 7:00am EDT
polls are showing that obama is leading the early boat much like he did in 2008. that is an aberration from our part -- previous count. from previous elections before the 2008, typically, republicans won the early voting. we have had such a high volume now and the obama campaign is encouraging their supporters to vote early. we have seen a change in behavior when campaigns can take advantage of early voting to encourage their supporters and mobilize them over a longer period of time. that is was going on on the democrat side. if you look at the numbers, there are more republicans voting early ban in 2008. the romney campaign is not conceding the early vote as the mccain campaign did in 2008. we are seeing greater interest among republicans and we see level increases of democrats and republicans compared to 2008 in early voting. up to this point, when we look at the statistics, most of the people who have voted early so far were people who are very strong partisans and have registered with their local party. in ohio, we have data where we know that people have voted in a prim
Oct 29, 2012 8:30am EDT
democratic four years ago. barack obama carried the state fairly easily. the polls are showing him with a lead of significance in this election. host: give us a sense of the demographics of the state's voters? who are we talking about? give us a sense of some key areas as we look at this map. guest: there are couple of key areas. first, let's look at eastern iowa, davenport and the surrounding area, a couple hundred thousand people, it is a swing county. davenport is industrial, democratic. it will depend on turnout. if you go to the northwest corner -- corridor of the state, that is a role, very republican area. -- a rural. an area that is more or less evangelical christians, and they're not excited about mitt romney. they are republicans. he does not energized them. we will see what the turnout looks like in northwest iowa. those two areas, if we want the turnout in posted areas, it's very heavy in the quad cities, but good news the democrats. it's very heavy in northwest iowa, but good for republicans. the central part of the states, including des moines, that democratic. we will watch
Oct 30, 2012 7:00am EDT
polls have shown it is up there. so, the former president will be stumping for president obama. maybe you heard yesterday that the labor department might delay those all important job numbers this friday before the election. this is from u.p.i. this morning. the labor department says it intends to release the awaited october jobs report on schedule friday despite hurricane sandy but can't be sure yet. we will give you more campaign news as we go along. first, back to phone calls. claudia in sun prairie, wisconsin, a democrat, talking about trust in government during natural disasters. go ahead, claudia. caller: good morning. i do trust in government. what i have a problem with is the obstructionism in congress by the republican party. we should have an infrastructure though in this country. look around. everything is crumbling. europe, avel to asia, come back here and is gee, what is going on? for the past four years, inauguration day, i don't know if it was 12 or 18 prominent republicans, cantor, ryan, et cetera, meeting in a fancy steakhouse to pledge that they will not allow
Oct 29, 2012 7:00am EDT
discussed ground game that the obama campaign was relying on to get the voters out to the polls. you also argue that mitt romney is the one who has ground to make up in a crucial swing states, like ohio and virginia. it will make it difficult for him. right now it is hard to tell whose campaign is going to be most affected. host: early voting, are you looking at how the race to get those votes in the bank before election day rolls around might be impacted? caller: we are. most of the states do not have early voting. pennsylvania, for example, does not have early voting. virginia does not allow it unless you have a special exception that allows you to vote absentee before the election. north carolina, which is an early casualty of hurricane sandy, has early voting. the question of just, basically, which ones are going to be affected most, it is hard to say. maryland suspended early voting today. and the other hand, that is a safely blue state, so that will probably not impact the outcome. host: jody rights in -- host: are the campaign's looking at what kind of impact of this could hav
Oct 30, 2012 8:30am EDT
the vote. host: in 2008, exit polls show that president obama won the hispanic vote in colorado, two- thirds of colorado's hispanic vote that year. it is a big part of the campaign for this election. what about that for gary johnson on the ballot in colorado? guest: he was our governor to the south. he was very enthusiastic on those issues. on the ballot this year is the issue of legalizing marijuana. gary johnson was for the decriminalization of marijuana. i think you'll have some on the fringe of voters, not a libertarian, but others as well that will gravitate toward gary johnson. he does not have the money to get his message out. also, of boulder county, which is a key base for democrats, you have a green party on the ballot. gary johnson will roll become in a distant third, but come in third in colorado. host: we have a democratic caller on the line. caller: i want to know why the congress is not being held accountable for what they're doing. they're holding the contras -- the country up and everybody is blaming obama. he can only do so much. guest: you are seeing the frustratio
Oct 27, 2012 7:00am EDT
continue to grow on coal. i think that barack obama is the best thing that happened to the republican party since jimmy carter. i just really feel, at the end of the day, people are going to wake up when they go to the polls, they're going to make the right decision. it will be mitt romney. thank you. host: moving on to elkhart, indiana. dale is on our line for independents. dale is optimistic about the economy. go ahead, dale. caller: hi. how are you? host: i'm doing fine. you say that you're optimistic about the economy. why is that? caller: well, our economy is so big, it's just going to keep going no matter what, even though we came close to falling off of a cliff, we still rebounded no matter the negative or positive attitudes that were out there. we continue to still grow. we need to have more percentage growth. but i just feel it's just going to keep going no matter what our politicians or our big business or anybody does. host: hey, dale, what kind of business are you in? what do you do for a living? caller: i'm a quality technician for aerospace components. host: and based on
Oct 31, 2012 7:00am EDT
republican base. and then president obama decided to not through his first debate in denver. and after that event, the democrats saw a similar drop in the polls. they saw it across the board. not just with the presidency. but with the house, the senate. this a late moment, some kind of game changing moment like that can have a serious impact still. but since we had two back-to- back, i think even out at the end. but mitt romney was at his lowest moment after the 47% video came out. and obama was at his lowest out to the debate in denver. host: what about the storm. this is the washington times. in game changer. they put sandy as number one. guest: i think of is a good point. i think there is a big risk when any kind of storm bruise. and almost anywhere in the country, american history is complete with mayors and governors who have all snowstorm as badly and ended up losing elections the next year. george w. bush's approval rating never recovered dr. the mishandling of katrina. this is a big risk for obama. his got to show that he was a leader. he has to look like he is engaged, and by
Nov 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
mostly just romney signs of here, not many obama signs. i think you will landslide ky. the polls show that. and i hate to say it, but even the preachers are preaching against obama and the pulpit. host: are you motivated to got to the polls? caller: yes. i am going to vote, but i think romney will win it. host: are they talking about issues you care about in kentucky. do you think there are focused too much on the swing states? caller: there probably focused too much on the swing states. but you would be lost republican administration. it was just a mess. we were losing like 800,000 jobs a month. and now we are coming back. i just think the economy is getting a lot better now under a democratic administration. host: i appreciate the call from kentucky this morning. i want to point out another facebook post. this from justin from the upstate new york area. he writes -- at least i am not bombarded with a negative campaign ads while i am watching jeopardy. let us go to rwanda from oklahoma on our line for republicans, how is the campaign playing out in a solidly red state of oklahom
Nov 4, 2012 7:00am EST
obama up by five points. [laughter] guest: same weekend? there are two polling firms out there, that there have been real questions about. going back to the point that andrew made, you have to make an assumption that some point. is turnout going to be like it was in 2004? which was even between the parties? or will it be more like 2008, with seven points for the democrats? my preference is to look in between. but what the poll has been doing in particular is looking more at what it was in 2008, which political pollsters will tell you, it will not be at that point. it needs to be somewhere near where the republicans were in 2008. host: the annual crystal ball contest from "the washington post." jim cramer, predicting that mitt romney will get 98 electoral votes, the president, 440? he is the only one predicting a landslide for the president. guest: he is the only one predicting that. i am a democratic partisan, i would love to see that, but i do not think it will be close to that. host: only two are predicting that mitt romney will win, the other 11 saying that barack obama will get a
Nov 1, 2012 8:30am EDT
respond to polls more favorably to third-party candidates than they act on election day and it is behavior on election day that matters. if virginia turns out to be 10,000 votes between romney and obama and virgil goode its 25,000 votes, you could make the argument he might have cost mitt romney the state. but otherwise i doubt it. and there is a liberal candidate, jill stein, the green party candidate. i doubt she gets a very much support. >> a few minutes left with our guest larry sabato -- host: a few minutes left for our guests larry sabato. hi, rose. caller: i am so glad to get on to talk with you. i have issues if i could take a little time. it is called the koch brothers issues. there was a national geographic documentary and i am quoting a lot of it, where they were born and raised in russia and they inherited a lot of money and they are actually communists. so all the republican party kind of liens on their side. money is not given away -- some people just give money away or they loan it to you, but if you are going to give money for a republican to win, to buy a governor
Oct 31, 2012 8:30am EDT
specific recent polls that have been taken, giving obama an edge in some of them and romney in others. now to akron, ohio, independent. caller: i will say this, i have already voted and i am independent, truly. i found it disgusting that mitt romney would stay in ohio to collect canned goods. if he truly believes we should be reliant on private enterprise when there's a disaster, why would he not take $5 million out of its own pocket and by the canned goods and continue on his way? instead he sends norm: to ohio to talk about what mitt romney says on abortion, which is not true. at the same time he is changing his game and changing every view. the president is doing his job. he is not claiming to do anything but his job. host: the front page of the boston globe shows the impact of the storm, millions reeling. and then this headline in the hartford current -- guest: the storm affected new hampshire as well, our fourth largest car outage here in new hampshire. we dog to the choleraller, have the opportunity to be around these candidates at the entrance to the politics, particular
FOX News
Nov 4, 2012 1:00am EDT
state polls continue to show obama with a, some advantages in the electoral votes, so, i think both sides are looking at the polls and seeing hope. >> dan, let's step back briefly here, how important is this election? we always say the elections are the most important in x years, but i think this is the most important election since ronald reagan certainly in terms of setting the direction of the country and validating or not the huge expansion of government that barack obama has promoted in the first term. >> i agree, paul. i mean, historically the country is divided in the past century between the private economy and the public government. and there's always been a division of duties there. barack obama is trying to take spending from 20% of grosse pointe woods over the last 25 years up to about 23%. >> paul: for the starters. >> for starters and plus, make the federal government the lead role in the direction of the economy in a way that no previous president has ever done and i think that that is the decision the american people have to decide is whether they want washington, th
FOX News
Oct 27, 2012 2:00pm EDT
to "the journal editorial report." wifeless than two weeks to go, president obama and mitt romney hit the campaign trail in florida, ohio, wisconsin, colorado, and virginia. polls continue to show the race in a dead heat nationally, and too close to call, in no fewer than ten swing states but the obama campaign and its media allies are questioning whether mitt romney's recent momentum is real. joining the panel his week, dan henning gary, james freeman, dorothy rabinowitz and kim strassel. kim, tell us how real the romney surge is. >> look, paul, i know two weeks is one side increasing its advantage in both the national polls and the swing state polls. that's romney. we have seen money flowing into that side. that's romney. we have seen him improve his performance in independents and womens. you can call it what you want and the media contends it isn't momentum but i bet the president's campaign is wishing they that that momentum. >> to that point, yes, the obama campaign wishes it had some of that momentum because i tell you what really going on. the president is flatlining. >> i
Nov 4, 2012 1:30am EDT
and it seems complicated but the fact that obama's been ahead in almost all of the polls in ohio by two or three points that holds up more oen if than you think. historically means you have 80% chance of winning the election. we are looking at history to guide our estimate of the odds for tuesday. >> much of your book focuses on the ability to plan accurately. what's your take on the issues this week? the aftermath of sandy, the devastation, jobs report before election day, on the state of the race? >> i should say this hurricane, by the way, was predicted very well. where about four or five days in advance they forecast it would barrel in to southern new jersey, as it did and have a severe storm surge. it's a real triumph for science in some ways, as well as a human tragedy. i think the jobs report on friday was a decent number. nothing game changing, though. you don't have anything that i think would cause numbers to shift back toward romney at the last minute. usually when we have news that is kind of real crisis-type environments like hurricane sandy, the incumbent president is
FOX News
Nov 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. this is the first time in our polling that we've seen romney with a double digit lead over obama. that would be a huge turn arn if the numbers held, a 20-point net turn around from the election in 2008. >> paul: okay, if that's true, and i agree with you the polls are showing that movement of independents to romney, if that's right and a big switch from 2008, why doesn't romney have a more comfortable lead at least 2 or 3 points in these polls? >> 90% of the disagreement in the polls right now, paul, involves differing assumptions about the makeup of the electorate. if we have an electorate that looks like 2004, with equal numbers of democrats and republicans turning out, then a double digit lead for romney among independents means he wins comfortably. >> paul: right. >> on the other hand if we have an electorate that looks like 2008 with 7 percentage points more democrats than republicans in the electorate, then that's probably enough to save obama, even if he loses independents by a dozen points. >> well, where-- >> it's all in the makeup. >> paul: where do you think the recogn
FOX News
Nov 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
target state. most voters don't like barak obama and like the slulish economy that resulted from them and likely to center a less democratic electorate thap is shown in 2008 exit polls and most polls, they are tending to show nationally and independent voters going for romney. that means each party's side is relatively eating and nen partisan vote for cappedidates and independent voters break the tie. >> we have a map that is it on the screen it shows solid red as the states for romney and blue for obama and light likely obama and the pink states are light red for romney. pennsylvania, wisconsin and you say those are likely to tilt romny's way. >> wisconsin tep electorial votes is a battle ground with governor scott walker reforms affecting the bargaining terms and there was a june recall election on governor walker and he won it with 53% of the vote and his side got well organized from that. and i think that balance of enthusiasm that seems to favor republicans this year, that might enable romney to get over the line there. and pennsylvania, a couple of trends and that is not a targe
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)